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Chondrosarcoma is a rare variant of bladder tumor and one of the rare types of soft tissue sarcoma. This case happened on a 36-year-old male who complained of lumps in his lower abdomen, accompanied by difficulties in passing urine and painful urination, without hematuria. We performed TURBT and histopathological examination showed low-grade chondrosarcoma. The patient was diagnosed with low-grade bladder chondrosarcoma. The patient was treated for chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, after undergoing one cycle of chemotherapy, the patient refused to continue the therapy.

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Tamrin, M. H., & Djatisoesanto, W. (2021). Bladder Chondrosarcoma in A Male: A Rare Case Report. Folia Medica Indonesiana, 57(3), 256–261.


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