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Characteristics Environmental and Anopheles Larva Species In High And Low Clinical Malaria Cases In The Landak District of West Kalimantan Province

Environment larvae Anopheles species


December 27, 2021


Malaria remains a health problem in Indonesia. West Kalimantan is a malaria endemic area with high and low
incidence. Landak District is one of the malaria endemic area. Malaria cases were found in the areas around illegal
gold mining and oil palm plantations. The aims of this study were to describe the characteristics of the breeding sites
and species of Anopheles larvae found in high malaria cases area, namely Amboyo Utara Village and low clinical
malaria cases, area namely Mandor Village. This research is a descriptive research with cross sectional design. The
samples were Anopheles larvae collected with Accidental sampling technique in the breeding sites. Environmental
characterization of breeding sites were physical characteristic including water temperature and sun exposure,
chemical characteristic including water pH and salinity, and biological characteristics including water biota. The
results of this study ware environmental characteristics that have the potential to breed Anopheles mosquitoes in
Amboyo Utara Village, including water temperature 26-30C, shandy, water pH 5.0-7.6, salinity 0.2-1.0 ppt, biotas
water hyacinth, grass and tadpole. The Mandor village, water temperature 29-30 ºC, shandy, pH of 6.9-8.0, salinity of
0.5 ppt, water biota grass. Anopheles species found in Amboyo Utara village were larvae of An. vagus (94.30%), An.
tessellatus (3.42%), An. subpictus (1.62%), An. indefinitus (0.81%) and An. maculatus (0.81%). Characteristics of
breeding sites in Mandor village were larvae of An. maculatus (11.11%), An. subpictus (3.70%), and An. vagus
(85.18%). The conclusion of this study was that di erent species found at breeding sites with di erent environmental
characteristics in both high and low malaria areas in Landak District, West Kalimantan Province.

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