Peer Review Processs

Manuscripts submitted to the Jejaring Administrasi Publik will undergo a desk review selection and  assessment process by the Editorial Board to ensure their conformity with writing guidelines, focus, and scope, and to guarantee their excellent academic quality. All submitted texts that pass this stage will be examined using Turnitin to identify plagiarism before being reviewed by the reviewer. If manuscript does not meet all criterias mentioned, it will possibly rejected directly. The manuscripts will be reviewed using a double anonymous peer review method that does not reveal the author's name to the evaluators or vice versa, where neither the author nor the evaluators know each other's identity.

Reviewer Decision

Reviewers will provide the following recommendations:

Accepted: the manuscript can be accepted for publication.
Accepted with minor revisions: the manuscript can be accepted for publication after being revised in response to the reviewers' issues.
Accepted with major revisions: substantial shortcomings in the manuscript, such as data analysis, the main theory used, and rewriting paragraphs, need to be revised.
Rejected: the manuscript cannot be accepted for publication or the given review pertains to very fundamental issues.

The reviewers' decision will be considered by the Editorial Board to determine the next process for the manuscript.

Revision Stage

Once a manuscript is accepted with minor or major revision notes, it will be returned to the author with a review summary form.

Final Decision

At this stage, the manuscript will be re-evaluated by the Editorial Board to ensure that the author has revised in response to the reviewers' concerns. In this final decision, the manuscript may still be rejected if the author does not seriously undertake the required revisions. After the manuscript is deemed accepted by the Editorial Board, it will undergo a proofreading process to maintain linguistic quality. At this stage, the final layout of the manuscript will be sent back to the author to ensure that its content matches the author's writing. At this stage, authors can revise any typographical errors found in the final manuscript. After confirmation from the author is given, the Editor will process the manuscript for online publication on the website. All the process from article submission to publication will be about 12 weeks.