Pengaruh Motivasi Kerja Islam dan Budaya Kerja Islam Terhadap Produktifitas Kerja karyawan BMT di GERBANGKERTASUSILA

Achmad Nur Iman, Ari Prasetyo

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This study attempts to know the importance of perception employees of islamic woek motivation and islamic work culture to labor islamic productivity whether partial and simultaneous on the quality of performance bmt areas gerbangkertasusila east java. A population that used is all the employees bmt taken by random or shuffle as many as 200 respondents.Technique the analysis used is linear regression multiple. The research results show that simultaneously being tested use test F shows that there has been significant impact between variable freely with variable bound.While in partial being tested use test t indicate the presence of some variable free namely motivation work islam and culture islamic work to labor productivity islamic bmt some have had a positive impact significant and some influential negative to productivity performance office bmt areas gerbangkertasusila east java.

Keywords: Baitul mal wat tamwil, Islamic work motivation, Islamic work culture, employees’ productivity

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