Mas’amah Mas’amah, Atina Shofawati

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The goal of this research is to understand how management financial implementation work into muslim Family, especially at Takmir Rungkut Jaya Mosque. The research used descriptive qualitative approach. Data collection was results by interview and documentation. Pattern matching technique was used to perform data analytic. This technique to find the general description of financial management family work into muslim then adjusted to the implementation of sakinah finance. The result based on interviews with two households of Takmir Rungkut Jaya Mosque is both informants in research has implemented components financial management to reach sakinah finance in the life daily. The financial management component are income management main intention to worship, meet family needs, maintain self-respect for not begging, and leniency of life, and hold the principle of halal in seeking sustenance and work, and focusing on the intention of the afterlife. Expenditure Management consists of three expenditure items, household needs posts, social posts, and mosque needs posts, as well as using savings as outposts for cash inflows and expenditures, as well as household emergency funds.

Keyword: sakinah finance, income management, expenditure management, household finance

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