Vol. 18 No. 2SP (2023): Media Gizi Indonesia (National Nutrition Journal) Special Issue: 1st International Conference of Health and Nutrition (1st ICHN) 2022 “Stunted and Obesity Prevention in Post Pandemic Era”

This volume provides original research. The theme for original research varies from child nutrition, nutrition education, and food products development. Topic of child nutrition in this issue focus on the relationship between exclusive breastfeeding and psychomotor development. This brings a good impact on advocating exclusive breastfeeding among mothers. Secondly, topic of nutrition education was focusing on diabetes patients and athletes. Not only nutrition education, aspects of physical activity and dietary habits were also discussed. Lastly, majority of this issues were focused on food product development using locally available foods to improve products’ sensory and thus, could be used to alleviate nutritional problems in the future.

Published: 2023-10-23

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1st ICHN 2022