Degradation of democracy with the existence of a single candidate for regional head elections in Indonesia

party cadre political dowry political elite single candidate


June 8, 2022


Regional head elections are part of the implementation of a democracy which is essentially indicated by political
participation. The political elite at the central government also influences political competition in the regions.
Every regional head election has to have a recommendation letter from the central board of the political party.
The recommendation letter is a requirement for candidates for regent or mayor who will register to the General
Election Commission (KPU). The general elections for regional heads are carried out to meet the demands of
the community to elect their regional leaders directly with the spirit of democracy. Political elites often misuse
democracy in pursuing power for personal or group interests so that a single candidate appears in the regional head
elections. This study analyzes the relationship between the political elites and a single candidate using qualitative
methods with descriptive analysis based on credible data sources. The results of this study stated that the political
elite manipulate a significant role in gathering all-party support with a separate agreement so that a single candidate
emerged in the regional head elections. This study concludes that the existence of a single candidate in the regional
head elections results in a degradation in the democracy in Indonesia.