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Peer Group Support Dalam Meningkatkan Pengetahuan Dan Sikap Ibu Hamil Tentang Preeklampsia

peer group support knowledge attitude


October 1, 2014


Preeclampsia is disease by signs hypertension, oedema and proteinuria that arises because of pregnancy. Suds
preeclampsia lightly with hypertension, edema and proteinuria often unknown or not cared by a pregnant mother related
so unwittingly in no time can arise preeklampsia heavy even eclampsia. Peer group support is support peers namely by
granting information, aid, or material obtained from their peers a familiar.The purpose of this research is to analyze
influence peer group support against knowledge and attitude pregnant women about preeclampsia. This research uses
the pre-experimental design. The population was pregnant women with gestational age of at least trimester II in the
region work Health Center of Candi. The sample was selected using a purposive sampling technique. Its independent
variable is a peer support group, and the variable dependennya is the knowledge and attitude of pregnant women. The
Data collected by using questionnaire and results were tested using the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test with alpha ≤ 0.05.
The results indicate that this method can improve the knowledge demonstrated by the value of significance p = 0.007 and
change a positive attitude with a value of significance p = 0.005. For nursing the child, maternitas and Health Clinics in
the community are expected to implement the activities of peer group support in an attempt to increase the knowledge
and attitude to pregnant women about preeklampsia. Researchers can then use more samples or giving the control group
to obtain a more representative results and modify the method by means of increasing the intensity of the meetings.

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