Editor Process and Responsibilities

Editor Process & Responsibilities

The Pediomaternal Nursing Journal's editorial procedure comprises six steps.

Editorial Review Stage: All submitted manuscripts will be assessed by the Editor-in-Chief to determine their appropriateness for formal review. Manuscripts that lack originality or have insufficient originality are rejected before they can be sent for formal peer review. Serious technical or scientific errors, plagiarism with exceptionally high rates, or the absence of a major statement are further grounds for rejection. At this point, manuscripts that aren't likely to interest the PMNJ's readers run the danger of being rejected. The editorial assessment is finished in about one to seven days.

Peer-Review Stage: A minimum of two impartial referees with expertise in the disciplines conduct "double-blind" reviews during the peer-review phase. This page shows the peer-review procedure.

Editorial Decision Stage: The editor or section editor will make a decision regarding the submission to the editor-in-chief after obtaining feedback from two referees. The editor-in-chief will then make the ultimate determination.

Copyediting stage: Grammar, punctuation, print style, and format are checked for in manuscripts that have been accepted for publication. The associated author receives a page proof in the format of a document. The amended proofs must be returned to the associated author within seven days.

Proofreading & layout editing stage: The final proof-reader will deliver the paper in pdf file with a predetermined journal layout. At this moment, nothing has significantly changed. The only things that authors need to double-check are their names, affiliations, and writing style (typos, grammar, punctuation, and layout format). The final proof must be returned to the relevant author within five days.

Published Online: The fact that PMNJ offers a press release indicates that the article was released in advance of the issue. The journal publishes articles online as "Current Publication" as soon as they are proofread in order to increase the speed and scope of knowledge and information sharing. The following step is including it in the subsequent issue.

Overall, the publication process from submission to publish will be 8-14 weeks