TTC Repeats Variation of Mycobacterium leprae Isolates for Analysis of Leprosy Transmission in Leprosy Endemic Area in East Java, INDONESIA

TTC Repeats Mycobacterium leprae Leprosy transmission Endemic area East Java


April 1, 2010


East Java province still has some pocket of leprosy endemic areas. In order to solve the problem, molecular typing will make it feasible to study the transmission pattern of Mycobacterium leprae in leprosy endemic area. The present study is to analyze the presence of M.leprae DNA in the environment and to study variation number of TTC repeats and their distribution. Poteran Island is located in Madura, East Java and was chosen because this island has a high prevalence of leprosy and remains stable for the last five years. All samples were analyzed by PCR and the numbers of TTC repeats were confirmed by direct sequencing. Of all collected samples, 26.4% isolates of water resources (24); 61.9% nasal swabs (26); and 35.3% skin tissues (24) are positives. No statistically difference in the pattern distribution of TTC repeats between skin tissues of patients and nasal swab of households contact (p=0.594); also distribution of TTC repeats between skin tissues of leprosy patients and those of water resources (p=0.441); and distribution of TTC repeats between nasal swab of households contact with water resources (p=0.906). It means that the transmission of M.leprae in leprosy endemic area has closely related in 3 aspects: agent, host & environment.

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