Guide for Author

Initial Submission
Authors should initially submit their manuscript as a single DOC/DOCX file. The aim of this stage is for the manuscript to contain the necessary information to enable scientific evaluation;

the manuscript must include all sections from the abstract to the conclusions, references must be complete, and figures and tables must be numbered and appropriately referenced. Thus, it is not necessary for the submitted manuscript to follow the formatting guidelines below. However, subsequent revisions MUST follow the formatting guidelines.

Submission of manuscripts can be made using the online submission system (please refer to our website: The submitted manuscript MUST be in a single DOC/DOCX file format, and adhere to the following requirements:
● The file size must not exceed 20 MB (compress images if necessary).
● All images and tables must be included in the DOC/DOCX file, with images located at
the end of the file.
● Filenames must NOT include spaces and must have the doc/docx extension (use underscore instead; e.g. manuscript_revised.docx).
● Do not apply any restrictions on the DOC/DOCX file, such as password protection or editing prohibitions.

See the manuscript formatting template. Organization of Manuscript

The manuscript must include the following sections in the order shown. New sections should be placed in a new page, and all pages numbered.

Title Page
The full title of the manuscript must be written in the title page accordingly. The title page must include the full name of each author, their affiliation, and affiliation address.

The abstracts must not exceed 250 words and must be a single paragraph. Reference citations and not allowed in the abstract, and non-standard abbreviations must not be used. The abstract must be comprehensible for a general reader without referring to the manuscript. Avoid including detailed data and results.

Body of Manuscript - generally composed of: Introduction, Methods/Methodology/Materials and Methods/etc., Results and Discussion, Conclusions/Concluding Remarks)
The Introduction section should provide context for the reader regarding the topic(s) of research
of the paper, and elaborate briefly on the main research question(s). Specifications of all materials and equipment used should be included in the Materials and Methods section, as well as the sources of said materials (be it bought from a materials vendor or provided by some other means). The Results section should outline the main findings of the research, while the Discussion should examine the implications of the findings on the broader field of study.

The Acknowledgement section is used to recognize any personal contributions to the research from other than the authors. All financial contributions are mentioned as a footnote in the Title Page.

The template will number citations consecutively within brackets [1]. The sentence punctuation follows the bracket [2]. Refer simply to the reference number, as in [3]—do not use “Ref. [3]” or “reference [3]” except at the beginning of a sentence: “Reference [3] was the first ...”

All authors must be mentioned in the references. Journal titles must be abbreviated. The format is as given in the manuscript formatting template.