Optimization of SVC Placement and Capacity in the Electric Power System Transmission Networks using Multi-Objective Improved Sine Cosine Algorithm

FACTS ISCA Multi-objective Optimization Power losses Reactive power SVC Transmission net Voltage profile


December 31, 2023


Current technological developments are in line with the increasing consumption of electrical energy.  There is a value of power losses of the electricity transmission process caused by an increase in the value of power losses, to overcome this, SVC (Static VAR Compensator) of the Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) can be used. From previous studies, the optimization of SVC placement in the transmission network has not been carried out to get better power losses. This research uses the Improved-Sine Cosine Algorithm (ISCA) that has a different function of r1 compared to the ordinary SCA, in which the use of the ISCA method is able to overcome the weaknesses of the SCA method. The determination of location and capacity can use more than one objective function. From the result, the optimization of SVC placement and capacity is able to reduce the value of power losses by up to 85%.