Salam sehat mental!

In recent times, mental health issues have drawn great attention from the public, especially in health policymaking. Global Burden of Disease study, global research by IHME reported that six mental health problems are listed in the top 20 diseases that lead to disability and cause significant social and economic burden. In Indonesia, mental disorders are not currently seen as a serious epidemiological threat, especially when those are compared with communicable diseases that always become the priority of health policies and programmes.

The mental health discourse in Indonesia is still limited, particularly in severe mental health conditions, such as Schizophrenia, and inhumane treatments to them such as pasung (confinement), while in fact, the problems are often more convoluted than what it seems. Therefore, INSAN Media Psychology, since 2016, has changed its name to INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental (JPKM).

We strive to specify the topic of our content, adjusting to the Faculty of Psychology Airlangga University’s research speciality. We also wishes to expand the scope of our target readers; therefore, INSAN JPKM accepts research articles and case reports on mental health issues and psychological well-being, including those with multidisciplinary approach.

INSAN JPKM is a peer-reviewed journal, and it has now indexed by Google Scholar, PKP Index, ROAD, CrossRef, neliti.com and ResearchGate. We also strive to increase our indexes to further reach broader readers.

INSAN JPKM invites authors to submit their RESEARCH ARTICLES dan CASE REPORTS related to our journal’s focus and scope. Among them are:

  1. Psychopathology
  2. Mental health promotion
  3. Community mental health
  4. Mental health in industrial and organizational settings
  5. Public mental health
  6. Mental health in school settings
  7. Inclusive education
  8. Mental health of children and adolescents
  9. Quality of mental health services

INSAN JPKM also receives CASE REPORTS, which contain detailed reports on psychological therapies/interventions conducted by mental health practitioners/professionals. INSAN JPKM wishes to contribute in the dissemination of effective psychological therapies/interventions carried out by the mental health practitioners/professionals.