Focus & Scope

Focus & Scope

INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on mental health research, cases, and interventions.

It aims to contribute and support the dissemination of mental health research and interventions by psychology/mental health professionals.

Topics that are covered by this journal include, but are not limited to:

  1. Psychopathology
  2. Mental health promotion
  3. Community mental health
  4. Mental health in industrial and organizational settings
  5. Public Mental Health
  6. Mental health in the school setting
  7. Inclusive education
  8. Mental health in children and adolescents
  9. Quality of mental health services

INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental facilitates the publication of research findings, literature reviews (systematic or semi-systematic), case and intervention reports, as well as discussions on psychological policies and guidelines/manuals.

Publication Ethics

INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental is a peer-reviewed journal with printed and online editions. Therefore, all parties involved in the INSAN JPKM editorial processes, including authors, chief editor, editorial boards, peer reviewers, and publishers, shall uphold the ethical publication principles adopted from the COPE’s Best Practice for Journal Editors.

INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan mental publishes peer-reviewed journals to maintain the quality and credibility of articles. All parties (researchers, authors, editors, peer reviewers, and publishers) involved in the journal editorial process must adhere to the publication ethics principles of COPE’s Best Practice for Journal Editors.

1. Procedures

Research that uses human subjects ensures that procedures are conducted in accordance with the code of ethics in accordance with the principles of the Belmont Report. The authors are required to maintain the privacy and rights of participants.

2. Informed Consent

All studies with research participants require verbal or written consent. It is not recommended to include a copy of the written consent unless a specific situation requires it. Inclusion of participant's personal information in the journal must be authorized by the participant otherwise the information cannot be published and must be removed.

3. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Authors are required to disclose funding sources and personal relationships with individuals and organizations that may influence the authors' bias in reporting results and discussion. Conflicts of interest that may influence the results and discussion may relate to employment, consulting, shareholding, honoraria, paid expert testimony, patent registration, grant funding, and other funding.  If there is a risk of conflict of interest, the authors will need to complete a conflict of interest declaration statement.

4. Authorship

Authors are required to have substantially contributed to the following: 

  1. Research concept and design, data collection process, or data analysis and interpretation
  2. Drafting or revision of the article 
  3. Approval of the final version submitted

5. Change of Author

Authors are expected to carefully consider the final author list before submitting the manuscript for the first time. Additions, deletions, or rearrangements of author names in the authorship list should be made before the manuscript is accepted and only if approved by the journal editor. 

To request such changes, the editor must receive the following from the corresponding author: 

  1. The reason for the change in the author list 
  2. Written confirmation (email, letter) from all authors that they agree with the addition, deletion, or rearrangement. 

Only under certain circumstances, the editor will consider author additions, deletions or rearrangements after the manuscript has been accepted. 

While the editors are considering author change requests, publication of the manuscript will be suspended.

Article Processing Fee

The costs of editorial processes, including pre-review, review processes, proofreading and translation (copyediting), are borne by INSAN JPKM. Therefore, up until their manuscripts published, authors do not pay any monies.

Peer Review Processes

All manuscripts are reviewed by two peer reviewers anonymously using the double-blind peer-review processes.

The status of the manuscript can be periodically checked by the author using the following description.





Submission of Manuscripts

INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental has received the manuscript from the author

7 Working Days

Initial Check

The editor conducts initial checks and selections to meet technical requirements

14 - 21 Working Days

On Review

The quality of the manuscript is determined by the editor-in-chief

30 Working Days

Peer Review

Reviewer investigate, examine, and evaluate the manuscript

14-30 Working Days

Notes that Need to be Completed

The peer reviewers provided notes/comments on the manuscript for the authors to revise. If there are still peer reviewers' notes after the revision, the editor will ask the author to revise it according to a predetermined time period

7 Working Days

Notification of Manuscript Acceptance

When there are no notes left, the peer reviewers sends confirmation emails to the author, via the editor, confirming that the manuscript has been received from the peer reviewers.

Layout Process and Copyediting

The final manuscript is processed for layout, translation, and grammar.

3 Working Days

Final Check

Manuscripts that have been reviewed are returned to the author to confirm whether the manuscript can be published



Manuscripts will receive metadata, which will become the identity of the manuscript to be published on the INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental page.

1. Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts that have been adapted to the format will be uploaded to the page of INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental.

2. Initial Check

The editorial team conducted an initial check to identify manuscripts with the following criteria:

  • Compatibility with IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion) format structure
  • File format must be in .doc or .docx format
  • Ethical standards
  • Plagiarism
  • Data availability statement.

3. On Review

Editor in chief checks the quality of the substance of the manuscript for further review by peer reviewers with an estimated time of 2-3 weeks.

4. Peer Review

  • Editor-in-chief determines a minimum of two colleagues to review and provide feedback on manuscripts based on expertise, publication history, and previous reviews
  • The review process at INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental is carried out anonymously for both reviewers and authors.
  • Editor in chief will send notifications to peer reviewers when the deadline is close or too late to provide a review.
  • If there is a disagreement that is contrary to the results of peer reviewer reviews on certain issues in certain manuscripts, the final decision would be decided by our editor in chief and/or deputy editor in chief.

5. Notes that need to be completed

The author revises/improves the manuscript based on peer-reviewed notes/comments within a period of 14-30 working days depending on the decision of the editor in chief which is adjusted to the amount of substance being revised.

6. Notification of manuscript acceptance

If the author's manuscript does not contain notes from peer review, a confirmation email will be received that the manuscript has been received and will be published on the INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental page.

7. Process layout and language 

Manuscripts that have been confirmed will be processed for layout and language within 7 working days.

8. Final Checking Process

Manuscripts that have been reviewed will be returned to the author for final checking and confirmed to the author whether the manuscript can be published.

9. Publishing process

The manuscript is ready to be published on the INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental and will receive metadata which will become the identity document. Overall publication estimation, from the expansion process until the manuscript is accepted for publication, takes ±2–3 months.

Publication Schedule

INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental is managed under the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Airlangga, that accepts submission all year round. The total publications processes vary depending on factors such as urgency, topic and coverage, revision processes, etc. The schedule assignment will be managed the Chief Editor, and the authors shall expect 1–3 months of timeframe up until their manuscripts are published. INSAN JPKM publishes empirical research articles and case reports biannually on June and December.

Open Access Commitment

INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental is a periodical journal publisher that implements open access principles; therefore, the manuscript copyright remains with the author. Anyone has the right to use any information contained in the published manuscripts, as long as they properly cite the original source. The open access and copyright policies of INSAN JPKM are retrieved and adopted from Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0).


All submitted manuscripts will be checked for similarity using Turnitin. If, after excluding all parts we consider false positive, such as titles, terminologies, etc., the similarity score is 25% and above, we will return the manuscript to the author for correction. In addition to the similarity checking, we will also assesses the quality of the manuscripts for publication in INSAN JPKM.


INSAN Jurnal Psikologi dan Kesehatan Mental is a periodical journal publisher with Open Access principles and Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0); therefore, the copyright remains with the author.

With this license, anyone has the right to use any information and re-distribute the content of this journal for any purposes, including commercial purposes. This can be done as long as the person satisfies the following two conditions; (1) the person is obliged to provide a proper attribution by citing the original source and indicate any changes they have made; and (2) the person is strictly not allowed to make any restrictions, both legal and technological limitations, that restrict others to have the same level of distribution rights.

The manuscript copyright remains with the author; therefore, INSAN JPKM do not and will not request for copyright transfer on all published manuscripts in INSAN JPKM.

Digital Archive

INSAN JPKM uses the LOCKSS system to create a distribution of archiving systems among the libraries involved and allows these libraries to create permanent archives of journals for preservation and restoration purposes. To learn more about the LOCKSS system, please visit the following link LOCKSS System.

Privacy Policy

Name and electronic mail addresses are stored on this journal for the journal's publication purpose and are not used for any other purposes or for any other parties. Furthermore, INSAN JPKM use third party software that may store and process site visitor data (e.g. IP address).

Section Policy

Editorial: Accepted, Indexed, Not peer-reviewed

Research Articles: Accepted, Indexed, Peer-reviewed

Case Reports: Accepted, Indexed, Peer-reviewed

Literature Review: Accepted, Indexed, Peer-reviewed

Discussion of psychological policies and guidelines: Accepted, Indexed, Peer-reviewed