PENGARUH PENAMBAHAN TEPUNG SUKUN (Artocarpus communis), PISANG HIJAU (Musa paradisiaca L.), COKLAT (Theobroma cacao L.) DAN KURMA (Phoenix dactylifera) TERHADAP DAYA TERIMA DAN NILAI KARBOHIDRAT EGG ROLL<br><i>[The Effect of Breadfruit Flour (Artocarpus Communis), Green Bananas (Musa Paradisiaca L.), Chocolate (Theobroma Cacao L.) and Dates (Phoenix Dactylifera) Addition Toward The Acceptance and Carbohydrate Content of Egg Roll]</i>

endurance athlete chocolate egg roll green banana dates breadfruit flour


August 8, 2018


Carbohydrates have an important role for endurance athletes to replenish glycogen in muscle and liver that had been used during muscle contraction. This research aims to analyze the effect of adding breadfruit flour (Artocarpus communis), green banana (Musa paradisiaca L.), dates (Phoenix dactylifera) and chocolate (Theobroma cacao L.) toward the acceptance and carbohydrate content of egg roll as an alternative snack for endurance athletes. This research use True Experimental Research, completely randomized design with four formula and repeated four times for each formula. Panelist in this study consist of 30 athletes of Local Training Center, Indonesian National Sport Committee in East Java Region. Based on the test of acceptance on the modification of egg roll formula, the most preferred formula was F1 (breadfruit flour 150 g, chocolate 500 g, dates 150 g) with the highest mean rank values were on color (2.65) and flavor (2.70), while the aroma and texture aspect had the lower mean rank (2.50) each compared to F0 (2.87 and 2.58). The result of Friedman Test statistic on all characteristics of the acceptability include color, aroma, texture and flavor found there was not significant diffrence on the acceptance of egg roll (p>0.05). The highest carbohydrate content was F1 (59.4/100 g). Based on the best acceptance value and the highest carbohydrate content, it was conclude that the optimal  formula was F1. Total egg roll that should be consumed by the athletes before sport was 125 grams (12 sticks egg roll) and 60-95 grams (6-8 sticks egg roll) for after sport