The name e-Journal (Notaire) is taken from French which means Notary. The Notaire name is also an acronym of Kenotariatan Airlangga E-Journal (The Airlangga E-Journal Notary). The name selection is based on the specificity of this journal as a journal belonging to the Master Program of Master of Notary of Airlangga University. This journal was established as a means for students of the Master Program of Notary in particular and the academic community in general to share ideas and ideas related to legal issues in the field of notary.

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Nama e-Journal (Notaire) diambil dari Bahasa Perancis yang berarti Notaris. Nama Notaire tersebut juga merupakan akronim dari Kenotariatan Airlangga E-Journal. Pemilihan nama didasarkan pada kekhususan jurnal ini sebagai jurnal milik Program Studi Magister Kenotariatan Universitas Airlangga. Jurnal ini didirikan sebagai sarana bagi mahasiswa Prodi Magister Kenotariatan pada khususnya dan civitas akademika pada umumnya untuk berbagi ide dan gagasan terkait isu-isu hukum dibidang kenotariatan.

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Notaire invites all legal scholars and practitioners from Indonesia or other jurisdictions to submit their articles to be published in the journal. The articles may be from legal research or conceptual articles, and within all fields of legal studies. Notaire is published three time a years in February, June, and October.

Posted: 2019-08-26
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Vol 2, No 3 (2019): Volume 2 No 3, Oktober 2019

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