• Fitri Nurdianna
    Departemen Promosi Kesehatan dan Ilmu Perilaku, Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya.
February 26, 2018


Hospital are service institution that runs plenary health services, which means promotive preventive, curative and rehabilitative services. Hospital Health Promotion seeks to develop understanding of patients, families, and hospital visitors about the disease and its prevention. In addition, the Hospital Health Promotion is a hospital effort to improve the ability of patients, families and hospital visitors to do a positive role in the cure and prevention of diseaseas to accelerate the healing and rehabilitation process, improve health, prevent health problems, and developing health efforts through socio-cultural learning respectively independently. This study uses the method of in-depth interview and observation. This study aims to determine the implementation of hospital health promotion that has been implemented in Airlangga University Hospital Surabaya. The interview was conducted at one of hospital health promotion management representatives at Airlangga University Hospital Surabaya. Based on the observation result, it shows that Airlangga University Hospital is 100% Non-Smoking Area, and does not provide room for smoker and have PKRS unit that has carried out health promotion on the inside and outside the Building, but the PKRS unit does not yet have a health promotion study such as conducting FGD with patients, patient families and hospital visitors.

Keyword: implementation, health promotion hospital.