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The Analyze Factor that Related with Joint Pain in Postmenopausal Mothers

BMI Menopausal mothers family history


April 2, 2016


Introduction : Menopause can be interpreted as a physiological condition of the woman who has entered a period of
aging (aging) which is characterized by decreasing hormonal levels of estrogen. Decreased estrogen can lead to
osteoarthritis and osteoartrasis due to decreased estrogen causes decreased collagen matrix so that the cartilage
becomes damaged and cause pain. The incidence of joint pain disease is relatively high, ie 1-2% of the total population in
Indonesia is estimated to figure rose steadily increase until 2025 with an indication of more than 25% will experience
paralysis. This study aimed to determine factors associated with joint pain in women in the menopausal Public Health
Center Randegan Tanggulangin District of Sidoarjo for the prevention of postmenopausal mothers did not experience
severe joint pain. Method : This research used a Cross Sectional design. The population in the study were all
postmenopausal mothers who come to visit the Poly content with a sample of 20 people. Sampling using purposive
sampling. The independent variables were age, BMI, family history, and history of trauma. The dependent variable was
the incidence of joint pain. Collecting data with interviews, weight scales, height measurement and medical records. The
analysis used was Spearman's Rho test. Result : The results showed age (p = 0.00), BMI (p = 0.00), history of family (p
= 0.00), and a history of trauma (p = 0.021) there is a relationship with the incidence of joint pain. The research proves
that last elderly, obese’s BMI category, history of family, and history of trauma is a factor that can cause joint pain
in women with postmenopausal dominant factor obese BMI (r = 0.894). Discuss : Expected to society especially
menopausal mother know about the factors that influence the occurrence of joint pain that IMT, so mother menopause
motivated to maintain their weight by regulating healthy diet and low-fat and regular exercise in accordance with the ability
to increase bone strength and joint flexibility.

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