Correlation Between of Gadget Use to Sleep Patterns and Social Interaction in Students During COVID-19 Pandemic

Gadgets Sleep Patterns Social Interaction Students Covid 19


September 10, 2023


Introduction: The change in learning methods online during COVID-19 pandemic has an impact duration of gadget use. Cause health problems such as sleep patterns and changes social interaction patterns students. Study aims to determine relationship between gadget use with sleep patterns and social interaction among nursing students at Airlangga University during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Methods: This research was conducted from 21-23 January 2022 using a correlational descriptive design with a cross-sectional approach. Population of nursing students the regular class of 2020 and B23 Airlangga University with large sample of 164 respondents using simple random sampling technique. Independent variable use of gadgets and the dependent variable changes in sleep patterns and social interactions. Instruments used SAS (Smartphone Addiction Scale), PSQI (Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index), SIAS (Social Interaction Anxiety Scale). Data were collected by questionnaire and analyzed using spearman's rho test with significance level of <0.05.

Result : Based on the results study, there was significant relationship between gadget use and sleep patterns (p = 0.037, r = -0.163) and social interaction with results (p = 0.002, r = -236).

Conclusion: Excessive use of gadgets without good time management makes students experience social dysfunction, become apathetic and less sensitive to surrounding environment. This means higher use of gadgets, lower level of sleep patterns and social interaction. It is hoped research will become source of information well as reference for providing health education and counseling regarding use of gadgets.

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