Users’ Education as Correlates of Library Resources Utilization by Undergraduates’ in Selected Universities in Kwara State

User education Utilization Library Resources Undergraduates


June 29, 2021


Background of the study: This study examines users’ education as correlates of library resources utilization by undergraduates’ in selected universities in Kwara State. The study identified five (5) research questions and two (2) research hypotheses.

Purpose: The study adopted descriptive where set of questionnaire were used to collect data. Stratified random sampling technique was used for this study, it was a sampling technique considered appropriate because the researcher intend to divide the two universities into strata, that is, faculty and college making a total of 15 and 5 faculties/colleges in University of Ilorin and Kwara State University respectively. Raosoft calculator was used to select sample size of the study at 95 % level of confidence. So, the total population for this study thus 382.

Method: Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics of frequency count and percentages while Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) was used to test the two hypotheses of the study.

Findings: The study revealed that majority of undergraduates’ are of opinion that users education has being a major mechanism to effective utilization of electronic information resources in University of Ilorin and Kwara state university

Conclusion: The study also concluded that textbooks, journals, indexes and abstracts, newspapers, CD-Rom and databases, internet are major information resources provision in the selected universities while the provision of Video tapes/cassettes are less provided in the library