Reflection of Librarians in East Java Province on the Phenomenon of the Transformation Program of Social Inclusion Based Library

Reflection Social inclusion Public library Phenomenology Librarian


June 29, 2021


Background of the study: The reflection of librarians is the efforts of librarians in understanding their actions. Librarian's reflection is one of the effort to evaluating. Also to identifying learning from the actions taken.

Purpose: This study aims to identify the reflection librarians in driving the phenomenon.

Method: This study uses a qualitative interpretive phenomenological approach. The informant is the librarian public libraries was select by purposive sampling.

Findings: The reflection of librarians is learning in doing work. Based on the four stages, librarians can identify new knowledge and abilities. Librarians play an important role in facilitating the information needs of the community. The role of librarians in defining community problems is key. So, the services facilitated by libraries are under the conditions of the community.

Conclusion: The reflection involves librarian awareness actions. Librarians are always direct towards phenomena or also called intentionality. This action then generates new knowledge and skills. Suggestions for librarians is that librarians must get out of the routine of library technical activities. Librarians must have interpersonal skills. Librarian also must have the ability to understand community psychology and organizational dynamics.