Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): Journal of Halal Product and Research (JHPR)

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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): Journal of Halal Product and Research (JHPR)

Halal products as potentials to be developed by the industry in order to increase the competitiveness of products or services, and also institutions as a whole. Especially, faced with Muslim consumers. Global Islamic Economic Report (2020) estimates that Muslims spent $ 2.02 trillion in 2019 across the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fashion, travel and media/recreation sectors, all of which are impacted by Islamic faith-inspired ethical consumption needs.

Therefore, the discussion about exploring the halal value chain in the global context as interesting theme. Thats can be encourage connectivity between supply and demand in everywhere and every time. In the long term, this is expected will be create a business matching scheme (domestically, regionally and globally) and it will provide good benefits for all stakeholders.

Journal of Halal Product and Research (JHPR) volume 3, issue 2, 2020 will discuss the part of the halal value chain, includes: operations, marketing, and technology. Even though it is partialy, we hope the scientific manuscript in JHPR can stimulate new ideas in research and development of halal products in the industrial world. 

Published: 2020-11-30