The Potential of Kaliandra Honey (Calliandra sp.) on Sertoli Cell Counts in Malnourished Albino Rats

calliandra honey Calliandra sp. albino rat sertoli cells


April 1, 2023


This study was performed to investigate the effect of calliandra honey (Calliandra sp.) on the number of sertoli cells in malnourished male albino rats. A total of 24 male rats were divided into four groups, i.e. (K) without treatment, (P0) fasted, (P1 and P2) respectively fasted and administered honey concentrations of 30% and 50% for 10 days after fasting. The results showed that administration calliandra honey with a concentration of 30% and 50% significantly increased the number of sertoli cells. It can be concluded that administration calliandra honey can have a positive effect on malnourished male rats, especially in improving the number of sertoli cells.

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