Relationships between Self-Esteem, Perceived Parenting Style, and Fear of Intimacy among Early Adults with Divorced Parents

divorced parents early adulthood fear of intimacy perceived parenting style self-esteem


12 September 2022


Parental divorce will influence how a child develops their self-esteem. After divorce, the relationship between parents and their children also tends to get disturbed and become inconsistent. With regard to the developmental task during early adulthood to build intimacy with others, the aim of this study was to determine the relationship between self-esteem, perceived parenting style, and fear of intimacy. This quantitative study conducted a survey. The results revealed that self-esteem and perceived democratic parenting style were correlated with fear of intimacy among early adults with divorced parents. These correlations, however, were only weak to moderate, suggesting that future studies on fear of intimacy should consider the role of other factors.