cigarette smoke watermelon juice neutrophil


January 25, 2018


Cigarette smoke contains many hazardous substances and free radical which affect respiratory system. Watermelon “Sugar Baby” juice contain lycopene as antiinfl ammation. The aim of this research was to analyze the effect of watermelon as antiinfl ammation toward neutrophils count in wistar strain male rats exposed by  cigarette smoke. This study was an experimental laboratory research with pre and post test control group design. Sample consisted of 24 wistar strain male rats with ±150-230 grams weight and 3 months old which were divided into four groups. Control group was given placebo (aquadest) and treatment groups were given w atermelon juice with terraced quantity (1.5 ml, 2.5 ml, and 3.5 ml). Every group was given two sticks of cigarette smoked per day during two weeks then smoked with treatment during one week. Neutrophil from peripheral smear was observed by manual method and statistically analyzed using Anova Mixed Design and continued with One Way Anova. The result showed signifi cant increased of  neutrophil at second observation on control group (p=0.002) and treatment groups (p=0.000). Signifi cance decreased also found in the treatment groups’s at third observation p=0.000. Signifi cant between each group p= 0.017. There was signifi cant different between control and treatment groups but there was no signifi cant different between each treatment groups. This study concluded that there was decreased of  neutrophil in wistar strain male rats which were given w atermelon juice 1.5 ml, 2.5 ml, and 3.5 ml during infl ammation. 3.5 ml w atermelon juice which were given showed better result as antiinfl ammation..

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