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October 1, 2014


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a physical and psychological symptoms that occurs at 7 to 10 days before menstruation
and disappear during menstruation. There are many factors that associated with the incident of PMS stress, diet, and
physical activity. This study aimed to analyze factors correlating with PMS incident to female student’s in Faculty
of Nursing Airlangga University. Design used in this study was cross sectional design. The population was all A2011
female students, Faculty of Nursing, Airlangga University. Total sample was 70 respondents, taken according to inclusion
criteria. The independent variables in this research include stress, diet, and physical activity. The dependent variable in
this research was the incident of PMS. Data were taken by questionnaire and were analyzed using binary regression
linear test. Results showed that stress has parcially correlation with PMS (t= 1,999<4,838). Meanwhile diet and physical
activity parcially has no correlation with PMS. Based on F score, stress, diet, and physical activity has no correlation with
PMS (F= 2,094<3158). It can be concluded that stress on A2011 female students has correlation with incident of PMS.
Further studies should involve larger respondents and better measurement tools to obtain more acute results.

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