Supporting Factors of Development School Library Based on Information Technology

Elva Rahmah, Emidar Emidar, Zulfikarni Zulfikarni

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The existence of a school library is a must. Based on the National Education Standards, each
school is required to have a library. In its management, the library must be managed by
appropriate management personnel and competent in their fields. In line with the
development of science and technology that continues to develop school libraries need to be
managed and utilized for the benefit of education through an appropriate forum, namely the
school library. Descriptive research method with a qualitative approach. Collecting data
through observation, interviews and document analysis. Subjects in this study were school
principals, library heads, library staff, visitors, events, facts, documents and various forms of
efforts, school library programs or activities. The object in this study is the development of a
school library based on information technology carried out in SMAN 2 and SMA 3 Kota
Padang. The results showed that the factors influencing the development of information 

technology-based school libraries in State High School 2 and State 3 High School in Padang
City could be identified into four, namely human resources, information resources, funding,
and infrastructure in the school library.


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