Jurnal Kimia Riset

Jurnal Kimia Riset (JKR)  is a scientific journal that contains a collection of articles resulted from the original research and finding of chemical technology, as well as a review for chemical science development. The journal is intended to publish the findings in the field of Organic Chemistry, inorganic, Analytical, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry and other that characterized to solve the problems in the medical field, pharmaceutical, environmental and agricultural uses chemical approach. Publishing for the journal isconducted annually every six months.



The writer for JKR allowed on the circles at home and abroad, covering researcher from Universities and Research Institute, and practitioners from  industries such as the chemical industry, agriculture, health, food, pharmaceutical and so on



Articles are arranged to reflect the authenticity of the work, such as research articles, reviews and short communications. The number of pages required not to exceed 12 pages or the equivalent of 4000-5000 words for research articles and reviews, and a maximum of 4 pages, equivalent to 2,000 words for short communications.

Scope for the JKR Journal must be linked in the chemistry field as an indentity of the journal. The Journal coverages some topics :

  1. Chemical study of natural materials and chemical material synthesis for medicinal materials, energy and the environment
  2. Study of chemical processes in living cells such as isolation, purification and modification of biomolecules compound and application development
  3. Chemical study of theory, design models using computational approaches chemistry and molecular dynamics simulations, as well as the study of environmental chemistry
  4. Design, development and validation of analytical methods
  5. Development of chemical technologies for solving problems in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial and other


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Vol 3, No 1 (2018): Juni

Table of Contents


Abstract views = 620 times | views = 2609 times
Lilis Rosmainar Tambunan, Widia Ningsih, Ni Putu Ayu, Haula Nanda
Abstract views = 145 times | views = 223 times
Ganden Supriyanto, Khoirun Nisak R, Abdulloh Abdulloh
Abstract views = 147 times | views = 230 times
Luki Aprilliya Setiyoningsih
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Mevitri Rahmiati, Siti Wafiroh, Pratiwi Pudjiastuti
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Miranti Puspitasari
Abstract views = 91 times | views = 86 times
Hartati Hartati, Alfa Akustia Widati, Aning Purwaningsih, Alfinda Novi Kristanti, Anik Fathur Rohmah
Abstract views = 126 times | views = 217 times
Achmad Amiruddin, Hasri Hasri, Sudding Sudding
Abstract views = 250 times | views = 97 times
Yovilianda Maulitiva Untoro, Teguh Hari Sucipto, Harsasi Setyawati, Siti Churrotin, Ilham Harlan Amarullah, Puspa Wardhani, Aryati Aryati, Shuhai Ueda, Soegeng Soegijanto
Abstract views = 110 times | views = 157 times
Ratno Budiyanto, Donatus Setyawan, Novita Andarini
Abstract views = 73 times | views = 77 times
Nanik Siti Aminah, Alfinda Novi Kristanti, Qonitah Labibah, Ana Firdausyah, Yoshiaki Takaya