Literature Review: Effect of Vitamin D Deficiency in COVID-19 Patient

vitamin D deficiency COVID-19 patient COVID-19 pandemic


30 November 2023
Photo by Vitolda Klein


Background: Sun exposure contains ultraviolet light is needed by humans in terms of the formation of active vitamin D. The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic implementing the “stay at home” order led to a reduction in sun exposure which may have exacerbated vitamin D deficiency. In COVID-19 patients, Low vitamin D levels are associated with disease severity.

Objectives: This literature study aims to see the effect of vitamin D deficiency in COVID-19 patients.

Methods: A narrative study of literature is collected through several research articles published in the last two years (2020-2022) through the science web such as Google Scholar, Pubmed, dan ProQuest.

Results: Vitamin D deficiency in COVID-19 patients causes a high risk of morbidity and mortality and vitamin D levels can be used as a predictor/prognosis of disease severity.

Conclusions: Based on the result of literature study of collected articles, there is an effect of vitamin D deficiency in COVID-19 patients.

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