Kinerja birahi pada sapi Aceh yang mengalami kawin berulang

Aceh cattle repeat breeding synchronization estrous performance


August 26, 2020


The aim of this study was to determine the difference in the estrous performance of Aceh cows with repeat breeding. In this study, ten Aceh cows were used, consisting of five normal cows (KI) and five repeat breeder cows (KII). The criteria of the cows used were 3-5 years old, had a body weight of 150-250 kg, and had at least two regular cycles. All cows in both groups were estrous synchronized with 5 ml PGF2a intramuscularly. Estrous observation was done visually twice a day at 8 am and 4 pm. Estrous intensity was assessed by scoring. The results showed that the intensity, onset, and duration of estrous (KI vs KII) were respectively (18.00 ± 5.70 vs 17.60 ± 6.65), (40.00 ± 14.96 vs 41.60 ± 30.67 hours), and (78.40 ± 10.43 vs 80.00 ± 40.39 hour). To conclude, there was no difference in the intensity, onset, and duration of estrous between normal Aceh cows and those with repeat breeding.