Jurnal Layanan Masyarakat (Journal of Public Services) is a scientific journal that publishes articles of community service from the application of various scientific disciplines. The purpose of this journal publication is to disseminate the results of community service activities that have been achieved in the field of community service. JLM, in particular, focuses on the main problems in developing the following sciences in community service: health, social sciences, entrepreneurship, technology, and teaching education. We are mainly accept articles within the scope of Airlangga University, but do not rule out community service articles from any affiliates.
Jurnal Layanan Masyarakat (Journal of Public Services) is published four times a year in March, June, September, and December (p-ISSN: 2580-8680; e-ISSN: 2722-239X) and has received SINTA 4 accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia based on Decree No. 79/E/KPT/2023.