Pemberian silase, complete feed, dan growth promoter pada sapi perah kawin berulang terhadap Services per Conception dan produksi susu

dairy cows feed technology silage forage less feed.


August 26, 2020


Repeat breeding is a reproductive disorder that harms dairy farmers because of the unachieved target to obtain one calf per year and decreased milk production. The repeat breeding syndrome can be caused by malnutrition. This study aimed to determine the effect of feeding silage, complete feed, and growth promoters in repeat breeder cows to restore the services per conception (S/C) and daily milk production. Thirty repeat breeder Holstein Friesian cows were divided randomly into three groups. The control group (P0) was fed 30-40 kg forage and 3-4 kg concentrate/head/day. Group P1 was given 8-10 kg silage or complete feed alternately every day; whereas P2 was given the same as for the P1 group, added with 10 ml growth promoter/head/day. Milk production and S/C were measured after six months of treatment. The results showed that the P1 and P2 groups returned S/C to normal (1.40 ± 0.52 and 1.30 ± 0.48), while the S/C of P0 group was 3.20 ± 0.63 (p <0.05). Daily milk production in the P1 and P2 groups (14.20 ± 1.40 and 14.60 ± 1.43 l/d) was also higher (p <0.05) than the control group (8.30 ± 1.06 l/d). It could be concluded that feeding silage and complete feeds alternately daily, with or without the addition of growth promoter, improved the S/C to the normal range and increased milk production.

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