Penambahan alfa-tokoferol dalam pengencer susu skim - kuning telur terhadap kualitas spermatozoa domba Sapudi yang disimpan pada suhu 5°C

alpha-tocopherol motility plasma membrane integrity Sapudi ram viability


December 7, 2020


Spermatozoa in fresh semen of Sapudi ram has a limited life span. The storage of semen in cold temperatures (5 °C) is intended to prolong the spermatozoa's life. However, storage in cold temperatures can lead to increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). This condition reduces the quality of spermatozoa. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of alphatocopherol supplementation in skim milk-egg yolk extender on viability, motility, and plasma membrane integrity of Sapudi ram spermatozoa. Fresh semen derived from Sapudi ram was divided into four treatment groups. Control treatment (P0): semen was added in the extender of skim milkegg yolk without alpha-tocopherol. Three other treatments: P1, P2, and P3 semen were added in skim milk-egg yolk extender with the supplementation of 0.25, 0.5, and 1 gram alpha-tocopherol/ 100 mL extender, respectively. The results showed that the viability, motility, and integrity of the spermatozoa plasma membrane decreased gradually according to the storage length. Supplementation of skim milk-egg yolk extender with 0.5 gram of alpha-tocopherol/100 mL (P2) was able to maintain spermatozoa quality longer (p <0.05) than the control group. It can be concluded that alpha-tocopherol with a concentration of 0.5 g/100 mL of skim milk-egg yolk extender effectively maintains the quality of Sapudi ram spermatozoa in storage at 5 ° C.

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