Factors Associated with Lead (Pb) Contamination in Ote-Ote Fritters in Surabaya City in 2022

Income Sanitary Lead Ote-ote


28 June 2023
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Background: Lead (Pb) is a chemical contamination commonly found in fritters street food snacks. Ote-ote is one of them.  

Objectives: This study researched factors associated with Lead (Pb) contamination in ote-ote fritters in Surabaya.

Methods: This research was an analytical observational using a cross sectional method. The number of samples was 38 traders who fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria that chosen with random sampling technique. Samples were qualitatively analyzed with Lead (Pb) Easy Kit and chi-square statistic test.

Results: The result showed that most of ote-ote in Surabaya contained Lead (Pb) with factors associated were monthly income and sanitary facilities. In addition, Lead (Pb) was commonly found in food carts, high school education, and low level of knowledge.

Conclusions: Factors associated with Lead contamination in Ote-Ote fritters were trader's monthly income and facilites sanitary. Stakeholder collaboration, such as BPOM, Dinas Kesehatan, and trader's awareness are needed to prevent Lead contamination in ote-ote.

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