Folia Medica Indonesiana has published the fourth issue of volume 58 that can be accessed here. We appreciate the citation of our articles in your studies if you find them useful and relevant. You can access each article through the links below


1. Sodium Hyaluronate Eye Drops for College Students with Computer Vision Syndrome in Indonesia


2. Mortality Assesment of Pediatric Septic Patients Through Pediatric Sofa+Anion Gap and Pelod-2 Scores


3. Chondroregenerative Potential of Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)-Impregnated Decelulrized Bovine Cartilage Scaffold Implanted Subcutaneously


4. Identification of Pathogenic Bacteria in Food Samples from Cafeterias of A University in Denpasar, Indonesia


5. Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and Invitro Antiplasmodial Activity of Terminalia mantaly Against Plasmodium falciparum


6. The Influence of Safety Communications and Safety Promotion Policies on Safety Performance among Nurses in the Emergency Department at a Tertiary Hospital in Surabaya, Indonesia


7. Physical Workload and Work Fatigue among Tank Car Drivers at Surabaya Integrated Terminal


8. Healing of Radiation Dermatitis with Ozonated Aloe Vera Oil by Increasing PDGF and Epidermal Thickness in Sprague-Dawley Rats


9. Antifungal Activity of Kinar (Kleinhovia hospita L.) Leaf Ethanol Extract Against Malassezia furfur


10. Hybrid Procedure in Aortoiliac Bifurcation and Femoral Lesion


11. Clinical Importance of Sarcopenia And How It Impacts Orthopaedic-Trauma Patients and The Surgical Outcomes


12. A Model of Performance Evaluation for Healthcare Workers Based on Satisfaction and Remuneration (Financial and Non-Financial)


13. Castor Plant (Ricinus communis L.) Leaf Extract as Potential Antibacterial Against The Growth of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis


14. Healing in Nurses After Assignment in Natural Disasters


15. Optimal Dose of Vitamin D for Covid-19 Treatment