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Rice bran and red beans are one of food items that contain high dietary fiber and can be processed into traditional snacks such as baked getuk (cassava cake). Elderly needs enough fiber to support their metabolism. This study aims to analyze the effect of rice bran and red bean substitution of getuk toward its acceptance and dietary fiber contents. This study was an experimental study with a completely randomized design. There were four treatments of rice bran and red beans substitution (F0 = 0% rice bran, 0% red beans); (F1 = 10% rice bran, 13% red beans); (F2 = 13% rice bran, 10% red beans), (F3 = 17% rice bran, 7% red beans). This study further involved 30 untrained elderly and pre- elderly panelists (45–80 years). Acceptance was measured using a hedonic questionnaire on a scale of 1 to 6. Statistical analysis of acceptability differences was completed using Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney test with α ≤ 0.05. In results, there were significant differences between F1, F2, F3, and F0 on all characteristics (color, aroma, texture, taste) with p = 0.001, and the acceptance rating from highest to lowest was F3, F2, F1, respectively. The organoleptic test results further showed that the panelists mostly preferred the F3 formula (17% rice bran and 7% red beans). There was no significant difference in dietary fiber content between each formula, F1 contains 9.250 grams of dietary fiber (30.8% RDA), F2 contains 9.242 grams of dietary fiber (30.8% RDA), and F3 contains 9.235 grams of dietary fiber (30.7% RDA). This study proved that rice bran and red red beans substitution to getuk improves its fiber content and also having good acceptability.


acceptance, dietary fiber, elderly, red beans, rice bran

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